How To Provide Comprehensive Campaign Services

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If you find yourself poring over political blogs, clamoring for the latest commentary from political pundits or carrying a campaign sign toward a rally, political campaigns might be the niche for you. It’s one that requires more passion, knowledge and involvement than traditional corporate clients, but for those who can develop a loyal customer base, politics can be a lucrative market.
The biggest key to making political campaigns a successful niche is to provide comprehensive campaign services. Remember, you are vying against the big box companies that stamp out a campaign plan complete with polling, media and all the marketing materials for a number of candidates each year. To compete, you have to be prepared to offer value-added services along with the excellent customer service that only a local professional can provide.
Here are four value-added services that can help you succeed in the political campaign niche:

  • Market Research and Polling – Providing polling and research services is often how the campaign powerhouses differentiate themselves. Give them some competition by offering research and polling services through a local (or national) market research firm. Integrating research into your service offerings is a big step toward making your business the one-stop solution for their campaign.
  • Media Buying Services – In order to be successful, your candidates will need a presence on radio and television, and in local publications. Create your media-buying network now by forging relationships with the advertising representatives for your local media outlets.
  • Public Relations Services – Knowing how to pen a great press release, send out a media advisory or get your candidate an interview is essential. If you don’t feel confident as a PR expert, offer the services through a local freelance professional or agency.
  • e-Commerce Solutions – Be ready and able to set up an e-commerce site to provide products and printed pieces to multiple campaign locations, or create a fundraising site where supporters can purchase campaign merchandise.

This article was written by Carol Miller for Corporate Logo Magazine, Reprinted with permission.
Carol Muller is with Proforma APC in Denver, Pa. She can be reached by email at

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