How Astrology Can Be Used In Business

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It’s galling to true astrologers that the science to which they dedicate their efforts is so universally maligned. Our modern, tecnno-savvy, gadget-driven world has no place for anything so vague and unproven… no tolerance for those who might think otherwise. It wasn’t all that long ago that Nancy Reagan was widely ridiculed for using an astrologer to plan the Presidential schedule.
Over the centuries, astrology’s popularity has waxed and waned, based mostly on the success (or lack of it) of its predictions. Daily astrology columns, 800 numbers and tele-psychics have ruined the once honored reputation of this age old practice. Modern astrology disavows the notion of hard and fast predictions, guarantees of success or assured romantic compatibility… though that’s not what people want to hear, or believe.
It would seem hard nosed, hard fact business has no place for a nearly forgotten practice of consulting the positions of the stars and planets to determine the timing of events. And yet, there is the practice of financial astrology, and the ability of astrology to help people find the right type of business, choose the best time to open their doors or expand, as well as helping identify issues relating to partnerships and property. To learn more about astrology as it relates to business, you might want to visit the International Society of Business Astrologers (ISBA) website.
A new book, covered by an article in the Salt Lake Tribune last week, and another this week at, makes a remarkably effective attempt at applying the insights of astrology to the everyday business world. The book, Steve Weiss’ Signs of Success: The Remarkable Power of Business Astrology presents astrology as one of a handful of tools business owners, employees, sales people and others can use to be more effective on the job and make better decisions overall.
And in case you think he doesn’t mean business, Weiss takes a look at some astonishing success stories — people like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and Walt Disney — from an astrological perspective. According to Success Signs astrology has repeatedly been shown to provide insight into timing and trends.
Weiss also devotes part of the book to a practical overview of the many applications of astrology to business endeavors, plus an analysis of 12 zodiacal business personality types. Learning the basic characteristics of the signs will help improve your understanding of personalities, emotional states and mental attitudes. Though you won’t be able to change the way they behave… you’ll at least understand what’s driving the actions of those around you.
Success Signs also offers an understanding of how the stars have affected business events throughout history. You might find some rather interesting tidbits that just might change the way you think and how you manage the business relationships all around you.

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