How To Help Your Business Stand Out

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It’s one of those questions that every business owner asks at one time or another… how to rise above the competition and show customers you’re different… worthwhile… a better choice. A recent top story at Small Business Branding describes this need another way… “Differentiate Or Die”. A little harsh perhaps, but it certainly conveys the urgency and necessity of the idea.
So just how do you make your business stand out from the competition? According to the author, marketing expert Jeff Paro, you need to begin by searching for the answer to what makes you (or your business) unique — why should prospective clients choose you over another? As an example, a painter would need to find what he (or she) did as a painter that’s completely different — Is it special finishes or exteriors — find that and you’ve made a solid start.
Finding out precisely what makes your business different can be tougher than you imagine. Be wary of falling back on tired old standards about quality (everyone has that), superior customer service (again, expected) or value (zzzzz….). Think instead of big, bold statements focusing on…

  • Your unique product/service/packaging
  • IA market niche you serve
  • An offer only you can make 
  • Being the solution to a specific problem
  • Supporting a unique habit
  • Outrageously solid guarantee
  • Manner of doing business

Getting to a statement that explains your unique edge is not an easy process, but it is well worth the time and effort. The work you do in developing an answer to who you are and what sets you apart will become the bedrock message in every marketing piece you do. You’ll convey this same message to staff and vendors so that your positioning is strong and well understood.
So instead of “Quality is our top priority”, try something that conveys that message, but in an edgier, more conversational way such as, “Nothing short of perfect” or “Always the standard for excellence”. Remember, if you’ve determined that your quality (product or service) is truly what sets you apart, don’t keep it a secret — shout it from the rooftops.
If your differentiation centers around customer service, steer clear of “Excellent customer service” and go instead for something bolder, “Serving over ?? happy customers” or “Bend over backwards customer service”. Not only will you ease the worries of potential customers, you’ll be building the morale of your service team, too.
You might find some inspiration for your own tagline by checking out other taglines that have been so successful they’re instantly recognized. As you can see from these examples, the best taglines avoid vague promises and bland language. Instead you need a message that stands up and shouts a compelling reason why a prospect should choose your business over another.
If you take the time to come up with a good, spot-on tagline for your busness, prospective customers are more likely to remember you, and give a call when ready to buy. Customers feel better about their decision and come again or better yet, pass your name on to others.

— end —