How To Make Your Imprinted Pens The Ones People Keep

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As a writer, pens are a rather inevitable part of my life… and have always held a unique fascination for me. While I can appreciate the speed of the keyboard and the convenience of note taking apps, there’s nothing quite like the feel of a quality pen in your hand, the satisfaction of scratching something down in a smooth flow of ink to paper. Even in writing this post, the initial thoughts went from pen to paper first. So it’s no wonder then that imprinted pens are one of the most popular, most effective and affordable choices of so many businesses when it comes to branding and/or advertising.
Part of their favored status comes because pens are just so popular… even with our laptops and handhelds, we continue to need (and use) these writing instruments, with no signs of casting them aside anytime soon. The computer literate generations continue to reach for a pen to jot down phone numbers, make lists, sign checks and documents. What they lack in must-have technology, pens make up for in pure practicality — they don’t need to be recharged and are impervious to power outages.
Making sure the imprinted pens you use to promote your brand are the ones that people keep, and use, is easier than you think…

Quality in all things — shift your thinking in terms of the pen as an object, and (sounds crazy, but give it a chance) look at the promotional pen as a sort of silent employee, a direct representation of you and your business to everyone it meets. In hiring an employee to represent your business, you’d want someone who looks professional, works reliably and leaves a favorable impression. You can get those same impression setting qualities from an imprinted pen if you take care to choose a quality product, with crisp, clean imprinting and long lasting ink. To get the maximum return on your investment, you want this to be a writing instrument that is valued, better than what is being used now… something no one wants to lose, or see “disappear”.

Find a style to suit you — with literally hundreds of different types — stick, click, twist — there’s sure to be a choice for your budget, and type of business. Think about the types of pens you like best and start there. Consider carefully the impression you want to leave and the audience who’ll most likely be receiving them. Just as too cheap looking a pen can backfire on a business, so too can a needlessly expensive one. Choose with care and ask for help if you need it.

Order in bulk so that you can take advantage of pricing discounts on higher quantities and have your pens on hand for a good long time. This is one of those items that can have a good long shelf life. Give them to customers and specially selected prospects, supply the needs of the office or use them at special events… the choice is yours. The more you buy, the more you save — just be sure your business name, phone or web address isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

Make what you put on the pens themselves count. Be clear, concise — the small surface isn’t going to hold much more than your business name, a tagline, phone or web address, so put some thought into just what needs to be on the finished product. Double check spelling, punctuation and phone numbers or web addresses… just to be on the safe side, and always look to keep the colors consistent with those your business uses now.

Our team of specially trained representatives can help you choose from the many styles, colors and manufacturers out there. We can help you find the right product, and guide you through the ordering process. Let’s face it, buying a promotional item is an investment, something that’s going to reflect on your business… you want it to be right, which is why we have a team of seasoned pros who will work with you to be sure your pens, or any imprinted item you order, is just the way you expect.
Our manufacturing plants, located all across the U.S. and Canada, will imprint and ship your order in no time, so that you have sharp, stylish, sought after imprinted promotional pens in hand to give to people like me who will truly appreciate them. And use them.

— end —