New For Spring: Getting Your Business Noticed

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Not sure about the rest of the country, but where I live  you can literally smell spring coming. There’s a noisy woodpecker behind the house who’s announced his return from wherever it is they go during the winter, and the birds are noisier and more numerous every day. The snow and ice are losing their grip on things… I can see grass again, go out without a coat on and still be able to enjoy daylight at 5:30 in the afternoon.
There’s no stopping it now… spring is on its way. Even the crew back at the office has gotten a case of spring fever and come up with a special offer that runs till the 31st of the month (if you haven’t seen it, be sure to check it out). What’s more, someone has located a website with 20-plus cubicle pranks just in time for any April Fools Day hi-jinx. Now I can’t compete with either of those, but I can offer up some suggestions as to products you might use to renew your efforts to get the word out about your business.
Promotional products continue to be the most affordable per impression advertising around, beating out traditional print and broadcast advertising, according to the ASI Impressions Study released in November 2008. When a business is looking for a real bang for the buck, these are the items you want to consider.
But, how to choose the right one?
No matter the season, one rule remains constant, people want timely and functional items. That means any item that speaks to the time of year, or to an activity associated with it will work wonders as a promotional tool for your business. Of course if the item has a natural tie to your business (for example, a rain gauge for a lawn service, water bottles for a fitness club) so much the better. When all else fails, you can choose a product that ties to a cause you support — reusable items come to mind.
Spring is the time when we all start spending more time outside, so when it comes to places to put your business name or logo, look to the types of items commonly used outdoors. Think quality, attractive water bottles, lanyards, discs and other toys, sport packs, and the undisputed ruler of spring promotions, golf gifts, as great ways to get your name out there. Not to be outdone, gardening items and grilling accessories are ageless, size neutral and still incredibly popular choices.
Totes and duffel bags are another staple of the warmer weather – the place we carry everything for a workout, a picnic, a day at the beach or by the pool. The better built they are, the more likely they’ll be taken along, and expose your business to lots of pairs of eyes. Resist the urge to load these items with text, instead keep the look clean and simple… a logo with your company name, perhaps your phone number or web address is enough to give your business a presence without being overpowering.
One of the best parts about the arrival of spring is the change from heavy fabrics and long sleeves to lighter clothes. T-shirts are a staple of everyone’s wardrobe during the warmer months, and are the ideal backdrop for your logo and message. With the amazing array of colors of fabric and imprinting available today it’s easier than ever to create a look that reflects your business image. Equally visible and also available in an array of colors  caps not only offer a bit of shade from the spring sun, but are an affordable, stylish way to get your business noticed.
You might also consider items that tie into the spring holidays. Think beyond St. Patrick’s Day shot glasses and Easter bunnies, to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations, weddings and other special events. Remember the quality of the item, and the imprinting is key, sending a very distinct message about your business, and the value you place on your relationship with the customer or employee.
If you’re overwhelmed by the options… don’t worry. A specially trained promotional products representative can help you out… give advice on products and help you get them looking the way you want. At, we cam put your logo, or message, on just about anything you can imagine… so if you haven’t seen something that’s exactly right, it never hurts to ask.
The office crew and I would love to hear about your own spring promotions… things that worked, things that could have gone better, and everything in between. Let’s talk!

— end —