New Years Resolutions.

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Have you made any ambitious resolutions, yet?
I have a theory that New Year’s resolutions are kind of like fad diets. They sound so do-able, and though we generally know they’re temporary stopgaps at best, we continue to try them. It must be that eternal optimist in each of us.
Interestingly, the most popular resolutions are primarily lifestyle-related. According to the U.S. government’s web site, top resolutions include losing weight, saving money, getting a better job, getting a better education, quitting smoking, reducing stress at work, traveling and volunteering. Sound familiar?
Unfortunately, I can’t help with your weight loss or your travel plans. However, I do hope you’ll discover how much Corporate Logo can help with your goals of reducing stress, increasing education and saving money – or maybe making more money! It’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter. Throughout the year, we bring you informative selling tips, product-usage ideas and the latest trends within product categories. It’s the information you need to take your business to the next level. Plus, we call on both suppliers and distributors like you, so you have a forum to hear what’s worked for your peers.
This Buyer’s Guide issue is a resource that I hope you’ll keep and use throughout 2008. As you flip through the pages, remember that suppliers are constantly listening to your feedback and changing their offerings. Check out the listings for your favorite business partners and see if they’re carrying any new products for which you haven’t previously turned to them. As we were putting this guide together, it was interesting to note how many companies added new lines or began working with new products in their existing lines.
And don’t forget, if the issue isn’t handy when you need a quick lookup, you can access all the information at in our password-protected online version. Just one more way Corporate Logo’s got you covered.
As for the dieting, best of luck with that one. I suggest a lot of black-eyed peas.
This editor’s note was written by Debrah Rosen for corporate Logo Magazine. Reprinted with permission.

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