On The Value Of Being Thankful

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Thank you.
These two little words are really rather remarkable, they convey so much, and as we find ourselves pausing to give thanks for all the blessings of our lives, I can’t help but remember the unexpected thank you I received along with a recent order from on online supplier of iPhone and iTouch accessories known as (prepare for shameless plug here) Gordy’s Gadgets. I was doing some early holiday shopping and these guys went out of their way to see that I got what I was after.
If that wasn’t enough, Gordy and his gang did something utterly unexpected (especially considering the economy) upon shipping my order. They included a thank you gift, a pen imprinted with a thank you message, their web address and a reminder to order. The thing is, it’s a really nice pen (and I LOVE pens)… substantial with a comfortable grip, deep rich blue barrel and flowing black ink. Nice clicking mechanism too. I suppose it’s a quirk of writers that we are especially aware of pens (all writing instruments in fact). Good ones are worth their weight in gold… and despite what you think, they are hard to find.
I have the pen beside me now, and every time I look at it, I think of that company, and the gesture, and how it made me feel. Like I was valuable, appreciated… worth the time it took to add that little something extra to my order… I like these guys.
All good things for a customer to believe about a business… including yours!
The good news is that when it comes to thanking customers for their business (or a referral) there are lots of ways to do it. One of the simplest, and therefore more affordable, is the tried-and-true thank you note. Nothing shows your appreciation quite like taking the time to hand write (and yes, they must be handwritten) a note that expresses your appreciation. Emails are acceptable in certain circumstances, thought hand written and delivered by regular mail is still best.
If you have trouble coming up with the wording for notes like these, there’s a fantastic online resource, with wording examples for occasions of all kinds — business, sympathy, hospitality — as well as the etiquette for sending the notes. The examples are good ones, realistic and very helpful. If you struggle to write these kinds of notes, and everyone does, trying these samples with your own names and details is a way to get these done and have you sounding the way you’d want as yu express genuine feeling too.
If you’d like to take things a step further, there are plenty of promotional products (ours included, naturally) that take things up a notch when it comes to delivering the appreciation message, being useful to the recipient, and keeping your name and number right where everyone can see it. Beyond those totally functional pens, there are fun and funky key chains or lots of  mugs you can fill with coupons, sweets or even coffee or teas. Another hugely popular, and much appreciated, thank you gift comes in the form of stress relievers that are now available in all manner of shapes and sizes — sure to bring a smile and perhaps the feeling that your business understands demanding environments.

In the spirit of the season, all of us here at bigpromotions would like to take a moment to say “thank you” to you readers. You’re the reason we do what we do, and we appreciate your faith in our products, service and advice. Know that we always are working to deliver the very best to you and we value your business… today and always.

One final note — never underestimate the power of these two little words in your own personal life. Over this holiday, when you’ll be spending lots of time with family and friends, those “thank you’s” are sure to mean a whole lot. If you’ll be visiting this Thanksgiving, there are some great guidelines and suggestions here that you might find helpful before you set off on your travels.
Enjoy… be safe… be thankful!

— end —