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I am regularly talking about my love for marketing. While my husband is probably sick of hearing my “thirty-second commercial” (the small tidbit that I use to introduce myself and what I do), most people seem genuinely interested in learning more. Whether I’m talking to business owners or an executive committee for a local organization, everyone is excited to hear what I have to say about how promotional marketing WILL boost the interest of their audience. Usually, though, folks tend to ask the same questions. So here I am, ready to answer some of the most common questions that I hear.

What exactly are promotional products?
Swag, tchotchkes, merch… a rose by any other name, right? Promotional products are any sort of imprinted product that can travel. Whether it’s signage, a pen, or a basketball, it bears the identity of a promo product once it has your name or logo on it!

Do they actually work?
Absolutely! You love free stuff, right? Who doesn’t? Promo items are great giveaways at trade shows and events, as well as gifts for customers, employees, and leads. People love free stuff so much that 7 out of 10 people wish that they received more promotional products!* A bonus is that, especially if the product is eccentric or functional, people hold onto them for years.

What kind of products can be imprinted with my logo?
Practically everything. There is no limit to creativity when it comes to branded merchandise. Many people like to stick with the classics: pens, shirts, bags, hats, or yard signs. However, there are several ways to “wow” folks with unique items, as well. Games, hangover kits, tools, edibles, and electronics are all great ways to do this. Are you sponsoring a Boy Scout troop? Maybe you want to go with branded lanterns. Do you provide tours of your vineyard with wine and cheese samples included? Brand some bamboo cutting boards and give them away to customers who spend $300 or more. The options are endless!

What products are most popular?*
As of 2019, wearables have been shown as the top promotional item, holding onto the status of top selling products for several years now. That’s more than just shirts, hats, and socks, though. Wearables also include sunglasses, neck ties, and work wear. Health and beauty products came in second (because folks like to look and feel good!). Third place goes to tech products, such as bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones. Calendars also tend to be highly popular as, of course, they give you 365 days of exposure to your customers.

I don’t want a super cheap product but I do have a budget. Is there anything I can buy that will make an impression but won’t break the bank?
Any distributor worth their salt can help you find products that fit your budget. Some people prefer spending less money per item so that they can get 10,000 pens for their next event. Sometimes, splurging a bit more can give you a better return on your investment. People tend to have a feeling of appreciation when you spend more money on them. But no matter where your budget lies or the goal you’re trying to achieve, there’s a product for that.

*2019 Consumer Study, PPAI Research

AJ Jewell

AJ Jewell

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