Promotional Products Are Perfect For Back To School

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You can almost feel it in the air… summer is passing… the days are getting shorter… the kids are getting antsy. The back to school circulars have started to appear in the paper… the catalogs are finding their way into your mailbox and the spots have started on TV… though I’ve yet to see my favorite… the one that uses a Christmas carol to portray a parent’s unbridled joy at the return of the kids to the classroom.

It IS a wonderful time of the year.

report on this year’s back to school spending cites a prediction by The National Retail Federation that puts dollar figuresto what families with school age children are likely to spend this back to school season. It will likely cost the average family $247 for clothes, $117 for shoes and $103 for school supplies — an estimated $20 billion in all. Even though economic news of late has been mixed (Fannie and Freddie are in trouble, but oil is inching down) analysts believe back to school spending is seen as necessity by parents — these products being essentials that their children need to start the school year.

Some of the most popular promotional products that tie into the school theme include promotional pens, custom pencilst-shirtssweatshirts or hats with logos.Promotional items like these help to excite students, instill pride and build unity throughout the school and its organizations. They also tap into a trend gaining ground with people who are increasingly choosing products that brand them as supporters of a cause or candidate.

Students of all ages, from elementary through college age, enjoy wearing apparel with school logos, and these items make welcome gifts to family and friends. Another popular item is promotional car decals like clear stickers that have school logos, bumper stickers and custom license frames featuring a fraternity/sorority logo or slogan. Welcome new members to a group with imprinted glasses or mugs, find budget conscious items for the PTA or promote your club or organization with a quality give away.

Since the first day of school continues to creep earlier into August each year, you’ll want to be making your plans and selections now. Allow for the lead times in creating and printing your products to be sure that you have them on hand when the school year begins.

Those first few weeks are the time when students, parents and faculty will be most likely to buy promotional items for school. Make sure you’re ready for them with quality promotional products.

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