Promotional Products For When It's Cold Outside

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By now we all know what winter is made of — it’s the time of year when heated car seats are worth their weight in gold, when a warm cup of coffee is welcome at any time of day, and paying for someone to pump your gas seems worth it.
About 200 million of us (the eastern two thirds of the U.S.) have been affected by the record-breaking cold — keeping businesses closed and consumers huddled at home, away from work, school, restaurants and malls. 
Here are bigpromotions, this nasty (but not surprising) weather got us thinking about all the products we know that are suited to this blast of winter — quality items that will reflect positively on your business or brand for years to come. Affordable items that people actually want — helpful ways to deal with the discomforts of winter and get your business noticed at the same time.
An obvious (but still greatly appreciated) choice is an ice scraper. These hardworking little helpers are a must in cold climates, and are truly appreciated by everyone. What’s great is that there are so many styles and sizes to choose from — you’re sure to find something that’s right for your needs. And because our scrapers are quality built, you can rest assured they’ll last though many brutal winters and still look great.
One of the most common plagues of all this cold is chapped lips. Offering a quality lip balms bearing your company name to customers and employees is a simple way to meet a need and promote business at the same time. People will appreciate your thoughtful gesture, and in using the lip balm will see it, and be reminded of you, again and again.
Another cold weather staple is a soup mug to hold warming liquids, sized large enough to hold a good portion of steaming (hopefully homemade) broth. Our selection of dishwasher safe mugs come in lots of colors and styles, so it won’t be hard to find one you like, with room for your logo and space to warm those chilled hands too.
Of course the most obvious cold weather essential, the one Mom always wanted you to wear, is a quality knit cap. These are great for keeping warm even in the wildest, windiest weather, while also building brand awareness. Issue them to employees working out of doors so they stay warm and productive, are easy to identify and also get your business name or brand noticed.
No matter what cold weather essential you choose to put your name on, we can help you find the right product, right colors and look at the right price. Our team of pros will work with you, like they have with other businesses like yours, to see that you get a quality promotional product you can be proud to give to customers. No matter the weather.

— end —