Promotional Products Offer Unmatched Exposure For Your Business

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These days businesses are looking for promotional products that aren’t so much a quirky novelty, but rather something more practical and useful. Think ice scrapers, cotton shopping bags, pocket diaries, pens and mugs. It might surprise you to learn that mugs, the longstanding staple of the office, are actually used more than 2,000 times.
That’s lots of opportunities to expose your logo and name there.
In fact, nothing beats promotional products for making an impression… unlike TV or radio spots that people purposefully ignore, or newspaper and magazine ads that can easily be missed in a sea of the same type of ads… promotional items make an impression when they’re received, and then again and again every time someone looks at them. It’s no surprise then that according to a landmark ASI study in late 2010 they’re far more cost effective than any of those other (TV, radio, print) forms of advertising.
More and more businesses are finding that it makes sense to invest in an item that might cost a bit more per unit, but isn’t so disposable. You want something that can handle the day to day. Something that quietly and consistently says quality. Something that is sure to stay around for a while. After all, the longer it lasts, the more times your business name gets noticed.
But what to choose? Start by thinking about your target audience and ask yourself…

  • Are they mostly men or women? How old?
  • What items do they use every day?
  • How much are they spending with you?
  • What are they into?

Questions like these will give you a real picture of who will be getting these imprinted items. Once you have that, it’s that much easier to choose a promotional product that would be welcomed as a gift. It’s the very same logic you use in your personal life to select a gift, applied to your business.
The amazing thing today is that your company logo can be printed on just about anything. Our team of experienced promotions specialists can help you find an item that will be unique… something that sets your business apart, and then help you add your name and logo in the right color and style to create a look that’s all your own. A look that gets noticed, and remembered.
Promotional products are a smart way to keep your business top of mind. They create awareness, work to build an impression or a brand, and encourage positive feelings of loyalty. What’s more, psychologists tell us that offering a free gift sets up the nearly irresistible urge to return the favor.
You really can’t beat that.

— end —