Promotional Products – One Of Many Ways To Support A Cause

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In a season of vibrant reds, oranges and yellows, there’s one rather unlikely color that’s become associated with the month of October. Pink. In fact, those now all-too-familiar pink ribbons first appeared in the fall of 1991 at a cancer fundraiser and were adopted as the official breast cancer support symbol the following year. As we mark the 25th anniversary of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month that pretty pink is looking a bit mud splattered… a bit tawdry.
You see growing numbers of consumers are becoming wary of what’s been termed “pink washing” slapping pink on anything and everything to sell to women rather than offer any kind of genuine support to the cause. Fortunate then that more and more of us are starting to wonder if all the pink ribbons and pastel t-shirt clad marchers are really doing anything.
An obscene example of pink washing comes just as the month begins, with the stink (sorry) raised by the perfume commissioned by breast cancer fundraising giant Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Known as Promise Me, the new product has been found in independent testing to contain toxic chemicals that aren’t listed in the ingredients… hardly the move of an organization dedicated to women’s health.
It’s hard to deny that quite an industry has grown up around breast cancer fundraising… that all the soft, girlie, pastel pinkness might well be working to keep women from getting as angry as we should be and demanding more support for research into a cancer that primarily affects females.
So… what’s a business to do?
Simple, focus on honest support NOT making sales or getting good press. Support for breast cancer (or any cause for that matter) can’t be put on and taken off like a favorite fall jacket. You need to have a genuine feeling or passion for the cause… and have displayed that all through the year in all possible areas of your business. This isn’t all that difficult if you think about it. Offer flexible scheduling options to employees undergoing breast cancer treatment or caring for a family member with the disease… encourage regular mammograms by giving female employees time off (with pay if possible) for the annual test… make it easy for customers and employees to contribute to breast cancer research.
And remember, people can spot insincerity a mile away.
Sincere efforts can be reinforced by a quality promotional product that combines your logo or business name and a symbol (or color) that’s associated with breast cancer. These items are a tangible, practical way to show customers (employees too) that your business supports efforts to make more people aware of the terrible suffering and daily struggle that comes with breast cancer treatment, as well as the very real need for research and treatment options for a condition that affects far too many women.
Mothers. Sisters. Wives. Daughters.
Showing your support for the women in your life, and those you work with, has never been easier or more accessible. Why not go beyond the traditional (tired?) pink ribbon, and consider the still white hot wristband. As the undisputed leader in promoting cause awareness, silicone bracelets (or the latest stretchy style) are a sure fire hit that fits nearly every budget.
But that’s not all, you could show support with pensbuttonscalendarsbagsdrinkwareoffice accessories — there are many ways your business might use to raise awareness. If you’re considering adding a promotional product to your efforts, a specially trained promotional products representative can help you narrow down the many choices to something that sends just the right message, and fits your budget.
These days, a wholehearted commitment to a cause, breast cancer or any other, is what consumers are looking for. Show this and you’ll be on your way to truly setting your business apart.

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