Promotional Products: The Numbers Speak For Themselves

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Let’s face it, everyone hates commercials… hates the idea of being “sold”… maneuvered into buying a product or service they don’t need. 
As people become more and more immune to traditional advertising methods like commercials on TV or radio, billboards and print ads — businesses everywhere need to find new ways to get information about a product or service into a potential consumer’s hand. But how to break through the clutter and clamor… to get the attention and win the goodwill of that elusive customer? One of the smartest, most effective ways to reach customers (and potential ones) is by using quality promotional products.
According to research conducted by the non-profit trade association Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), there are many reasons imprinted promotional products are great ways to improve response, bring goodwill and get your brand remembered.

  • Promotional products linger — most are kept up to a year because people find them useful, attractive or a source of good information. This means your company name or message gets noticed many, many times.
  • Promotional products have impact — giving consumers a significantly more positive opinion of a business and helping them remember the business by name. These products can help build excitement about a brand or reinforce its image.
  • Promotional products compliment other advertising — and help it be more effective overall.
  • Promotional products increase traffic at a trade show or event, helping recipients remember the name of your business, build positive attitudes toward your product and increase the likelihood of a visit to your location.

Still unsure if promotional items like pens or key chainsdrinkware or desk accessories are right for you? Here’s some independently researched data you might want to consider…

  1. Promotional products can boost response rates by up to 75% according to a Baylor University study.
  2. Customers who get promotional products are 14% more willing to provide sales leads than those who receive nothing. What’s more, sales people who give promotional gifts get 22%more referrals than those who don’t. (both from Baylor University studies).
  3. 39% of people who received a promotional product remember the name of the advertiser as long as six months later. (study by Schreber & Associates)
  4. Customers who received promotional products re-ordered up to 18% sooner than those who got coupons. (SMU study)
  5. Customers who received a promotional product expressed more goodwill toward the company than those who did not. (Exhibit Survey Inc. study)

With numbers like these, you can see why promotional products are becoming more popular, with big businesses, small businesses, sales people and entrepreneurs alike. Unlike other types of advertising, these products don’t get ignored by respondents. In face, people actually like getting a promotional product, making these items an affordable, effective way to leave your customer (or employee) with something of value, something that reminds them of your business or your brand… every time they see it.

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