Proudly Patriotic

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Hard to believe that we’re already at the time of year when patriotism takes center stage. As we gather at backyard cookouts or lounge on the beaches, attend parades or gaze up at fireworks to celebrate the birth of this nation, every one of us is proud to be an American. Yet how many can say, with a clear conscience, that we truly love our country? And just what are we prepared to sacrifice for that love? Is the Pledge of Allegiance a few words recited by rote, or something more meaningful?
Now is the time to think about how you (and your business) express your patriotism. There are many things you can do, simple everyday acts, that can contribute to making this nation what it is meant to be… great.
You can:

  • be informed, listening (really listening) to both sides of an issue
  • support our troops, veterans and their families
  • do what you can to protect our existing civil liberties
  • vote, even in the small town elections, even when it’s raining/cold/inconvenient
  • work toward an independent, sustainable future
  • show compassion or consideration to all
  • be willing to risk your security for your country

All of us can agree that some Americans (our military and their families) do more than their share, while others (fill in your group of choice here) shirk responsibilities or try to milk a lumbering, overgrown system for everything they can get. Our founding fathers would be shocked at where we stand today, though it is testament to their wisdom that our democracy continues to function in a world that they could not have imagined. While there are those who criticize as a mark of their patriotism, others fly the flag and salute cause and country with varying degrees of devotion.
But then there are all kinds of love.
Patriotism is a good thing, and if you can attach your business, product, or service to it, so much the better. Patriotic promotional products are just the way to do that — show your feelings for your country while you also showcase your business. Give them to customers (or prospective ones) and employees at this time of year, or decorate you location with patriotic themed items like flags, have a contest to give away a drawstring backpack (great for carrying most anything) or a cooler that’ll come in handy all summer long.
The selection of patriotic themed products is amazing too, everything from note pads to die cut notes, cool looking key rings to magnets, antenna balls for the vehicle, there’s something for every taste and need. For those with a sweet tooth, you can celebrate America’s birth with delicious flag decorated chocolate bars. Best of all, every one of these items can be personalized with your name and business information, creating an immediate link with the pride and power of our nation. You’re showing customers, prospects, employees the regard and feeling you have for the country where you live and do business.
That’s a powerful message.

— end —