Reinventing the Refridgerator Magnet

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It’s cool when simple things, often overlooked, wow you with what they can do. That’s just what’s happened to the lowly refrigerator magnet. It’s been given a high-tech makeover by water giant Evian according to our favorite Adweek blog.
Shaped like a water droplet, this magnet can communicate your need for a water refill to delivery people with the push of a few buttons. You go about your day and your water is restocked without further involvement on your part. The magnet has been developed to promote Evian’s new water delivery service and will be given to faithful consumers by 2013.
It’s hard not to be impressed by the gadgetry. By the simplicity of design, the innate practicality and the absolute perfection of placement.
This is yet another example of the power of magnets when it comes to promoting. Even the biggest companies see it. Magnets are one of the few items that’s always in the right place at the right time… a lasting way to keep your name and message right where people can see it.
Where once magnets ruled the kitchen, today they’ve spread beyond the fridge. They’re in offices of all sizes, in restaurant kitchens or service station bays, in garage workshops, on tool or tackle boxes, even in college dorms. All these locations share the need to keep some information constantly in view — holiday schedules, take out menus, coupons, photos — and magnets do the job day in, day out. These days couples are even using “Save the Date” magnets for their impending nuptials… yet another great way to use a quality magnet.
It’s easy to see why businesses have come to rely on magnets

  • they’re practical — what’s useful is in and magnets are incredibly useful, as you’ve seen.
  • they have staying power — unlike pads that get used, pens that get taken, magnets can stay on metal surfaces for years.
  • they’re accessible — you can have your magnets designed, printed and in your hand in a matter of days
  • they’re easy to give away — technology has made them paper thin and lightweight so they can be sent out at fraction of what it used to cost.
  • they’re affordable — the cost per magnet has gone from a few dollars per magnet to just pennies.

And with today’s technology, a simple, clean design like the one Evian used is possible for any size business… even yours. Notice how the company name and logo are simple, in a contrasting color so they stand out. These same design concepts can be applied to your own business name and logo. or whatever you put on your own magnet.
As all good magnets must, this one leaves a pleasing impression of the company. Keep in mind that a magnet is going to stick around for a good long time, you don’t want it fading or falling off… because that will reflect badly on your business and what can be expected of you. Go for the best quality materials and printing techniques you can. Ask questions so that you understand how your imprint will be applied — get a look at it before it hits the blank magnets so there are no surprises. Today, seeing what your magnets will look like before it arrives in your hands should not be an issue.
So if you’re looking for a way to get your business noticed — think like the big guys — think magnets.

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