Share Your Passion For Football… Build Your Business Too

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Football fans are some of the most loyal, most passionate souls you’ll find anywhere. They’ll brave the elements for you. They’ll cheer your wins and agonize over your losses.  NFL fans even pay more for a ticket to their sport than either baseball or basketball fans do. Aren’t those exactly the type of people you want as your customers?
There’s a special place in our hearts for football… maybe it’s the excitement of an unexpected kickoff return or waiting as that long bomb hangs in the air… it surely has nothing at all to do with all the hitting and crunching. Nothing at all.
Having all those passionate (dare we say die-hard?) people in one place, at one time, presents a tremendous opportunity for business. It’s more than just selling hot dogs and beer, savvy marketers see football games as a chance to get their business name linked to a favorite team… pro or nearly so. In a case of perfect timing, recent news out of PPAI has named the most popular promotional products for college sports, including football.
It’s actually a smart marketing move to share your passion for football, a professional or college team, with your customers and prospects. It makes you real… human… familiar. Many businesses do this… just look around at the next football game you attend (or watch on TV) and you’ll see the many opportunities to promote a business. To build a brand.
Any business can take a page from this playbook.
Whether you choose to put your name on something that makes noise, or something people can wear, there are all kinds of options. We’ve talked about the value of hand fans before, but don’t forget those foam footballs — a real crowd pleaser, sure to be kept (and tossed) around for some time.
Some other themed products that made PPAI’s list…

  • water bottles, still hot in an increasingly  green focused world
  • stress balls are a clever bit of humor that any fan can appreciate
  • key chains are an essential that are sure to please
  • magnets are always in demand, get plenty of notice too
  • car decals are a big hit for showing, and sharing, team spirit

There are almost too many really good choices… so if you’re overwhelmed, consider working with a trained promotional products specialist. These pros have seen all kinds of products, color combinations, typestyles and logos… so they can help you make choices that looks good and fits your budget. After all, if you’re going to make the investment in a promotional product, you want it to reflect well on your business.
And while it’s not the end of the world if your team disappoints (okay rips your heart out!) you from time to time, the promotional products you choose should never do this. Go for quality materials and manufacturing processes, keeping in mind that the finished product is a real world reflection of your business. Think too about how you’ll get these great freebies into people’s hands — give them out at games, or to customers when they visit?
So go on, support your team and build your business at the same time!

— end —