Spring Brings Good News For Small Business

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Falling nicely in line with the arrival of spring sunshine, fine weather and blooming flowers… some welcome economic news. An announcement that small business confidence rose in the first quarter of 2012 to 105.1 from 98.8 at the end of 2011. Not a big leap mind you, but the sort of thing that gets people talking… and hoping.
Highlights of the survey of small business chief executives, conducted in March 2012 include…

  • Hiring plans are at a 5 year peak (57% up 2% from 2011), but most businesses have learned to do more, with fewer people, so the hiring will be thoughtful… the field competitive.
  • A majority (60% up from 41% in 2011) think the economy is in a durable recovery, and many (49% up from 40% in 2011) expect it to do better this year.
  • More firms (45% up from 42% in 2011) than last year plan to invest in new plants or equipment.
  • Fewer (only 44% down from 54% last year) small businesses feel the need to hold onto cash than in 2011.
  • Higher profits are expected for more (60%) small businesses.

Even still, no one is sure just what 2012 has in store for us. Decreased consumer confidence (back to 70.2 in March 2012) and uncertainly about health care keep business owners wary and unsure. Not to mention higher gas prices and an election coming in November.
As part of one piece bearing the good news, Australian business expert Ben Angel offers a key piece of advice — small business owners need to believe in themselves… convince themselves they have what it takes — if you don’t buy into your vision, how can you expect others to do so? Makes sense, right?
The key, according to Angel, is to communicate your message to your target market in a way that captures their hearts, minds AND wallets.
Here at bigpromotions we couldn’t agree more! Belief is a powerful thing. As is getting your message out in a way that people relate to, and remember. That’s where our lineup of effective, affordable promotional products come in. All you need to do is give us a call (or visit and chat online) and we’ll help you find just the right one, and get it in your hands fast.

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