Stadium Cups Showcase Your Name And Logo

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Between the arrival of an alcohol-themed holiday and the annual onset of March Madness, a fair number of cups, filled to the brim with adult malt beverages no doubt, were lifted over the past couple of days. And this got us to thinking… about those cups, and what a fantastic way they are to show off your business name and logo.
It’s not just that stadium cups offer you plenty of room for your business name, logo, your phone number – they do. But that’s just the beginning! These quality promos are built to be durable, to be run through the dishwasher over and over, and each time come out looking just as good as ever — no fading logos or cracked, peeling ink in sight. No sir. After all, you want a first quality cup that displays your business info, and your commitment to quality in a single, valuable, real world item people want.

Beyond being popular, durable and with plenty of room for your imprint, you might use quality, colorful stadium cups as a…

  • perfectly sized holder for pencils/pens
  • clever container for mints/wrapped candies/treats
  • unique package for coupons/other promos
  • way to hold contest entries or used tickets
  • always welcome gift for patrons, employees

Of course no one is surprised at how flexible stadium cups are. Every day we hear of another cool way a customer has used them — at parades, festivals, school sporting events, company picnics, seminars and team building sessions, a must for restaurants, bars and catered functions. No matter where they come from, quality stadium cups are kept and used regularly — advertising your business not once, but every single time that cup gets used. And they are used — people recognize the value and keep quality stadium cups on hand, stacked and ready to go.
All this still not enough for you? After all — YOUR look is unique, your needs are special, your timeline is tight.
Our line of “Made in the USA” stadium cups come in many different sizes, lost of great styles and plenty of hot colors — we stock more than 1 million blank cups in our Memphis facility alone — so no one ever has trouble finding the right size or color for their needs. Each and every one of our quality stadium cups gives you lots of room to print a single color imprint on one or both sides. You can even complete the look with matching covers and straws with tips to make your cups even more valuable. Our team of experienced reps can help you choose the colors and printing processes to create an image that draws the eye… unique and compelling and alive with detail. And they’ll get it to you… in your hands, faster than you think.
Worth a try…

— end —