Stadium Cups: Stacked With Benefits For Your Business

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Leave it to Yankee fans to come up with a compelling, yet utterly irreverent form of entertainment — the Yankee Cup Stack that took place in section 213 upon the head of a sleeping (passed out?) fan at a game just recently. You’ve got to give credit for the inventive use of one of the promotional product world’s most consistent performers, the stadium cup. In case you’re wondering, three cups is the acknowledged record… at least so far.
Serious cup stackers see stacking as more than a bit of lighthearted fun at another’s expense. What started out as an activity at a southern California boys and girls club has taken off and been formalized into a sport with rules and a governing body known as the World Sport Stacking Association, WSSA. Sport stacking has also created a massive YouTube community where stackers can showcase their skills for all to see. There are tournaments too.
And while serious stackers use specially designed cups that don’t stick to each other, they look much like our own stadium cups. Though now a staple of sporting events everywhere, these cups have an interesting history. Just over 100 years ago (1908) the Dixie Cup was invented as a need to supply sanitary, affordable cups for drinking in public places. Fast forward to today and those little paper cups have undergone quite a transformation. Lightweight. Shatter proof. Personalized for your business.
Not only can you use them for virtually anything — sporting events, company picnics, family events, catered events, outdoor fairs, parades — our stadium cups are available in a rainbow of amazing colors, a range of different sizes, all with enough options to suit just about anyone. What’s even better, these quality cups aren’t throw-aways, they’re USA made (built to last), dishwasher safe so they can be used again and again, exposing your business message many times over.
Not many forms of advertising can make that claim.
Beyond being super durable and practical, when you need to deliver a message to a crowd, stadium cups are the way to go. They’re so affordable.
Your personalized stadium cups will capture the attention of new customers and reinforce the relationship you have with existing ones. Our team of experienced reps can help you choose the colors and printing processes to create an image that draws the eye… unique and compelling and alive with detail.
And since we have plants in many parts of the country, you can get your cups in record time. Use them for drinks or fill them with treats, coupons or trinkets… stadium cups are a unique and flexible tool for any business.
By choosing quality stadium cups, you’re taking advantage of a unique way to break through the clutter of advertising messages — to get your business name out in a way that’s affordable, environmentally friendly and useful enough for people to keep long after.

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