Still So Proud To Be An American

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Hard to believe that we’re already at the time of year when patriotism takes center stage. The 4th of July. Though certainly many things still divide us, it is this day when we stand united as Americans. Proud. Free.
All of us can agree that some Americans (our military and their families) do more than their share, while others (name your group of choice) shirk responsibilities or milk a lumbering, overgrown system for everything. It’s hard not to think that our founding fathers would be shocked and appalled at where we stand today. It’s a testament to their wisdom that our form of government continues to function in a world that they could never have imagined.
Criticize all you want. People in the rest of the world still want to come here. And then there’s the famous quote about democracy being the worst form of government there is, except all the others that have been tried.
So… if the fervor of the holiday is taking hold, and you’ll like to be sincerely more patriotic in your business, here’s some ideas…

  • Proudly display “Made in America” on your products ((if they are, of course)
  • Fly the flag at your location, and be sure to do it properly
  • Offer discounts to military families or veterans
  • Support our soldiers with collections of essential items
  • When they come home, hire a veteran if you can
  • Support community causes or relief efforts here at home
  • Encourage people to vote and do the same yourself, even when it’s hard or inconvenient
  • Use wording in ads to show appreciation for our troops
  • Salute your local police, fire and rescue teams

It’s also the perfect time of year to give some thought to how your business express your own feelings of patriotism. Patriotic promotional products are a great way to do that — show your feelings for your country while you also showcasing your business. Here are some great, season appropriate choices:

Best of all, every one of these items can be personalized with your name and business information, creating an immediate link with the pride and power of our nation. You’re showing customers, prospects, employees the regard and feeling you have for the country where you live free, speak free, worship freely and do business.
Marking our nation’s birthday can also be an excuse to invest in work clothing that’s geared to the warmer weather and has that All-American look. The most affordable options are caps, but a smartly styled polo shirt or light fleece jacket are sharp, affordable ways to outfit yourself and your team. These items also make great gifts for your best customers — gifts that get noticed simply because of the time of the year they’re given.
Whatever you do on this 4th of July… barbecue, beach, parade, fireworks, we at bigpromotions hope you stop for a moment and remember the brave group of 18 patriots who took a chance so you could be free, stuff yourself with hot dogs, slug bottled water and shoot off illegal fireworks. God Bless America.

— end —