Summer: Time To Make Your Business Shine!

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Last May we put together a post on gearing up for the summer… some ideas for promotional products that are just right for the season, and the frame of mind that is summer. If you like, you can find that post here. The good news is that this time of year offers lots of great ways to get your business name and number noticed.
And when compared to TV, print and online ads, promotional products bring higher recall rates for the company or brand. And they’re less expensive too. Earlier this spring we also mentioned the most recent ASI survey that found promotional products get remembered by a full 87% of those who receive them. That’s important when it comes to investing in building your business… spending those hard earned dollars on something that really delivers.
The sun and warmer temperatures have many of us spending lots of time out of doors, in the yard or at the beach. Assuming those nasty single use water bottles haven’t cluttered up the coast, these long, hot days of summer are the perfect ones to enjoy sun, sea and sky. There are many promotional products you might choose — beach towels, balls, drinkware and coolers, even flip flops — necessary to a day at the beach and with lots of room for business information that gets noticed by many pairs of eyes.
The warmer weather also brings out the baseball fan in everyone. There are many baseball themed promotional items you might consider with lots of ways to display your business name and logo on them.
Another of the must-haves of summer (and a wonderful promotional opportunity) are barbecue accessories. They’re a welcome addition to any cookout — a season appropriate thank you for employees and your best clients. Unique, useful, products like these leave a lasting impression in the mind of everyone who receives them, and get noticed at all those informal get-togethers that are so much a part of summer.
Last, but certainly not least. You can’t think of summer without thinking drinkware. Cups, drink holders, mugs, can wraps and more give a business many choices for showcasing your name and logo to lots of people, while also offering a holder for a cold, refreshing (adult) beverage.
Summertime, like so many times of the year, offers so many ways to promote your business. All you need do, is choose one. And give us a call.

— end —