Support A Cause… In Style Now More Than Ever

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100_24811As you read this I continue to wear the gaudiest, most awkward and uncomfortable bracelet you’ve ever seen. Only my 5-year-old niece thinks it’s pretty. As a fine jewelry lover who takes pains to notice cut and color of gemstones and the fine workmanship of a clasp, the fact that I’d be proudly wearing this insult to fine jewelry everywhere is remarkable. What’s more, I’m not alone.
Look around when you’re out and about and you’ll see an amazing number of silicone wristbands, ribbons and more, worn proudly… a statement clearly made.
A statement more and more people are willing to make.
My bracelet is a symbol of support for fundraising to benefit research and critical support services given to cancer patients — a cause that strikes alarmingly close to home. A cause for which i have enough passion to support with a stylistically questionable choice of wrist wear. One I think about every time I look at the bracelet… or explain its symbolism to someone. I’m an ambassador for a cause, committed and proud to be one.
A recent  PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) survey finds that non-profit organizations are among the top ten businesses that use promotional products to build awareness…  get people talking. Promotional products offer a real world, readily available reference, and are far from limited to the familiar ribbon or wristband — pensbuttonscalendarsbagsdrinkwareoffice accessories — all offer a chance to raise awareness and build support.
Of course the undisputed leader when it comes to promoting cause awareness are silicone bracelets. Where once it was yellow LIVESTRONG bracelets on everyone’s wrists as a symbol of support and solidarity, today this style of wristbands remains popular and comes in a rainbow of colors ready to be customized for any cause.
Add to this the growing mountain of pink products that appear during this, National Breast Cancer Awareness month. This year the feminine shade of pastel pink has gone so far as to invade manly NFL games all through the month of October. Not so bad for a grassroots call to action started back in the 1990’s. Today awareness has never been higher… nor censure sharper. Not surprisingly, there’s a vocal anti-pink movement and the sense that companies making money off a woman’s pain and suffering is WRONG.
Beware this and be sure that any promotional products you use in support of a cause come with some donation back to the organizations involved. When I bought my bracelet I checked to be sure that the proceeds were going to real cancer patients. It’s vital to be sincere in your desire to support a cause you believe in… not simply one you think will get you good press… is trendy or topical… people can spot insincerity like this a mile away.
Businesses who genuinely support causes can choose from a wide variety of promotional products to get the message out.

— end —