Yikes… It's Time To Think Back To School

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It seems wrong to be talking back to school in the middle of summer. Kids, in fact students of all ages, would cringe at the very thought, but if you’re in business, it’s never too early to start thinking about events that will be here before you know it. And August is the month of “back to school” selling that’s so important to retailers.

This year, ShopperTrak, the largest counter (tracking at 45,000 retail locations in 74 countries) and analyzer of retail foot traffic, expects parents to be spending more, and visiting more places than last year. Retails sales are forecast to rise by 4% with an increase in foot traffic of 1.5% from this same time in 2011.
Now is the perfect time to plan to surprise a customer (or prospective one) with a useful back to school item — you’re giving them something that they need, just when they need it. You can’t beat that.
And while it amy sound obvious, give some thought here to safety, especially important for fan and spirit items that are so popular this time of year. You’ll want to insist on fireproof foam for those #1 fingers, noisemakers need to have mouthpieces that are lip friendly and packaged safely and hygienically. Items with moving parts should be evaluated for use with children. Keep any assembly as simple as humanly possible, and if you have your heart set on printing your logo on something oddly shaped, like a megaphone… do your homework to be sure your supplier is up to the job.
By choosing a quality product, you’ll ensure that the item you give is able to stand up to everyday wear and tear so that it gets used for a good long time — exposing your logo to an entirely new audience, while the recipient is reminded of your business, and the value you place on the relationship, time and time again.
When it comes to back to school, there are endless options — a notebook in a great size, a pen that writes like a dream, a roomy duffle bag or backpack with space for everything. These items are practical, back to school essentials that also happen to be easy, affordable ways to promote your business, showcase a logo or phone number. Also popular are promotional car decals — clear stickers that can carry school logos; second only to bumper stickers and custom license frames featuring a fraternity/sorority logo or slogan in popularity.
That’s the incredible thing about promotional products — not their affordability or flexibility; but rather the fact that they are kept on hand for a good long while, displaying your logo, a subtle reminder of your business, for all to see. No other form of advertising, not TV ads, radio spots, online blurbs, even print ads in the paper or a magazine, can claim that kind of staying power.

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