You Can't Have It!

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How many times have you been up at three in the morning because there was nothing on TV and so much on your mind you couldn’t sleep? As you sit there some hilariously loud infomercial geek, yelling at the top of his lungs presumably because he has assumed you are either mentally deficient, using English as a second language, or lack the capacity to work the volume button on the remote late at night. As you try to ignore the commercial but for some reason still can’t change the channel the obnoxious stranger challenges you by chanting “You will not be able to get this in a store. You must act now. There is a limited quantity. Or worst of all, this offer will not come around again!” Even if you have no interest in the item, you do not want to be told you can’t have it. You want to decide for yourself and have the power, nay the opportunity to turn the tables on the obnoxious peddler not, the other way around.
Okay, so what is the best way to create interest? The good old fashioned take away! There is a follow up movie to Batman Begins, entitled “The Dark Knight” The movie will come out this summer but the excitement has already begun.
Of course, all of the standard fast food, toys, packaged food, candies etc. are in place but one of the coolest promotional imprints of all is that Xbox will create limited-edition custom consoles, Joker and Batman versions that cannot be bought (only won).
This is so great that it will make some lucky winner thousands of dollars that they can reinvest in the economy. This may seems extravagant but hang in there for a second. Mathematically speaking someone has already figured out or will shortly how many times one would need to enter in order to win the coveted XBOX. By using the free entries  and precalculated formula to win the XBOX and, in particular, if they were not a Batman fan themselves, they could then go on to EBAY and sell the highly sought after massively unattainable over priced toy for a more outrageous price than it was originally over priced at!
How does this help a small business that is trying to get the word out? I am glad you asked. If you go on EBay on any given evening, you will see a plethora of ordinary Play Station 3, XBOX, XBOX 360, and Wii consoles for auction at extraordinary prices. Only one lucky bidder will win. Logic dictates that if your organization purchased one such console and imprinted some outrageously cool graphics and the company name and or logo, perhaps in a paisley or psychedelic pattern that subliminally touted the company, and then held a drawing on your website stating that it only required an email address and a few brief answers to be entered to win the highly coveted console, your permission based email list would expand exponentially.
Once the winner claimed their prize it would be worthy of writing a press release and sharing with the world or at least the world wide web that some lucky human won a one of a kind console that cannot be purchased in stores, rather only won on the website, visits to your site will spike and unique visitors will also notice a rise.

— end —