Your Fridge Gets 2.1 MILLION Views Each Year

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Quite a lot of exposure for a business. Especially a small business.
But just how do you get a piece of that action? Consider refrigerator magnets that showcase your company name and number as a promotional tool that lasts long after others have been and gone. These handy, hardworking little powerhouses get seen every time someone goes to the fridge (an average 13 times each and every day) an amazing amount of exposure for your business that few other promotional products can deliver.
And while all that exposure tends to be a bit more expensive than other promotional options you might have considered — magnets (pardon the bad pun) really stick around.
When you start thinking about a refrigerator magnet for your business, be sure your magnet… 

  • stands out from other magnets — look at your own fridge for guidance.
  • is of sufficient quality, at least 20-22 millimeters thick so it stays put, holds photos, report cards, coupons and more.
  • uses color, die cuts, larger size or humorous visuals to grab the eye.
  • has a purpose, for example a picture frame, clip or calendar of sporting events.
  • is free of lead or other sub-par components, especially important for something intended for the kitchen, around food.

By creating a quality refrigerator magnet, you’ll get your business name and number noticed so many more times than any other advertising tool you might use. Unlike business cards and flyers that are all too often (much to their creators chagrin) thrown away, lost or reside buried in a kitchen drawer, magnets stick around, especially if they are colorful and useful. 
And unlike ads in newspapers or on radio or TV, magnets get seen more often, and by more people. In an earlier post, we discussed how much more effective a magnet is compared to other forms of promotions. A poll conducted online earlier this year by DCP Print LTD found that magnets are the preferred promotional giveaway of small business owners — beating out flyers, brochures and stickers. As you might expect, business owners love magnets because they stay in front of the customer longer. 
And isn’t that just what you want your promotional efforts to do?

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