Asking for Help

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Asking people for money or favors can be extremely uncomfortable. I mean, no one wants to seem needy. But sometimes, we just have to ask for help. In some cases, this means asking a friend for assistance in moving or finding a job. Maybe you need to ask your parents for money so you can make your rent. In business, the best help that someone can provide is a referral or a review. But it’s tough asking for help – so how do we do it?

No matter what we need, there is a great strength in being able to ask someone to help you out. Build yourself up to recognize that there is no weakness in asking for help. Gain confidence that not only will you not be judged, but that someone is willing to help.

For me, there’s a four step process to asking for assistance:

  1. State your need.
  2. Explain its importance.
  3. Ask if the person is willing.
  4. Offer to help in return.

For example, if I’m looking for a referral, I could say something like this…

“Hi Stacy! I’m touching base with you today because I am looking for referrals. The holidays are coming up and I know that others could use my [service] this time of year. Do you have any friends that you know would enjoy working with me? Let me know when you’re ready to work on your next project – I can even [added service]. Thanks again for the business.”

Don’t be afraid to ask directly. The more straightforward you are, the more likely you are to receive the help. More often than not, people are willing to help out. They just need to know how.

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AJ Jewell

Amber "AJ" Jewell started at in 2016 as a part-time admin assistant, quickly moving to be the 'Duchess of Flow" - making sure that the office is flowing smoothing. AJ is also an award-nominated author, homeschooling parent of three, an avid reader, and a college student.
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