Branded Shoes x Crocs

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Some people love Crocs shoes while others find it to not be their cup of tea. Well, Crocs seems to have set off to be even more of an acquired taste, I suppose, as they have teamed up with edibles to make custom branded shoes.

Earlier this year, Crocs got together with Peeps (yes, the candy company) to make brightly colored shoes with Peep-shaped charms, calling the shoes Peeps x Crocs. They were even “coated with a…sugar-like texture reminiscent of the marshmallow candy.” These took off prior to Easter as a limited edition shoe for the holiday typically associated with the candy.

Another collaboration done by Crocs has been with KFC, which we mentioned in episode 11 of the Big Promo Cast. Yup, the brand hooked up with Kentucky Fried Chicken to create shoes with the look and smell of fried chicken. The shoe is covered with a fried chicken print and comes with a charm in the shape of a drumstick – which also smells like the famous chicken. KFC x Crocs hasn’t come out yet but I’m interested in seeing if these get the same excited response as the Peeps.

So, who do you think is next on the list to partner with Crocs? Maybe they could get together with Red Vines for a controversial “black licorice shoe,” covered in fennel oil so that you smell like black licorice all day, every day…. then again, maybe not.

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