Outback Koala, White Castle Merch, & Miller Beer Holiday

Ep 176 12-16-2023

In this episode, we unpack three compelling case studies:

Outback Steakhouse’s Social Media Mastery: Discover how Outback boosts customer engagement through a charming koala plush giveaway. This clever social media contest not only captivates audiences but also amplifies brand visibility. Integrating tangible products with digital campaigns can significantly enhance online interaction and brand recall.

White Castle’s Classy Holiday Collection: Learn from White Castle’s tasteful holiday merchandise, including a unique snow globe and subtly branded goods. This approach showcases how seasonal products can be both stylish and brand-centric. Seasonal merchandise, when done with elegance, can elevate a brand’s perception and create lasting customer impressions.

Miller’s Innovative Holiday Promotional Goods: Get inspired by Miller High Life’s Dive-Bar Scented neon Christmas tree and Miller Lite’s Beercracker. OH and we FINALLY got our Beernaments!

These items blend novelty with functionality, demonstrating how out-of-the-box ideas can generate buzz and consumer interest. Innovative and quirky promotional products can set your brand apart, making it memorable in a crowded market.

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