Pringles n’ Caviar, South Park Snow Day, Pop Tarts Bowl, Planet Fitness

Happy New Year! In the first show of 2024, here’s what’s on tap:

Planet Fitness collaborates with Megan Thee Stallion, releasing fitness-focused merchandise like shirts and water bottles. However, they could have expanded their range to include more diverse fitness gear.

Pringles’ unexpected partnership with a caviar company demonstrates the effectiveness of unconventional brand collaborations.

The Pop-Tarts Bowl used a mascot effectively for marketing but missed a chance to further capitalize on this popularity through merchandise like toys or apparel.

Chipotle’s “fan-inspired car napkin holder” is a creative product that turns a common customer habit into a branding opportunity.

South Park’s “Snow Day” video game, particularly its collector’s edition with exclusive merchandise, shows the value of special editions in marketing.

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0:44 Planet Fitness Debuts Empowering Partnership With Megan Thee Stallion

Mother Fitness – YouTube

Welcome To The Planet Fitness Shop – Shop Planet Fitness

4:42 How the pairing of Pringles and caviar went viral on TikTok, Instagram | Marketing Dive

Find ‘pringles caviar’ on TikTok | TikTok Search

The Caviar Company | Home

8:22 Campaign Trail: Pop-Tarts’ edible mascot made ‘ultimate sacrifice’ to win bowl season | Marketing Dive

What’s an Edible Bowl Mascot Worth? Roughly $12.1 Million

What’s an Edible Bowl Mascot Worth? Roughly $12.1 Million

Pop-Tarts Bowl | All Products – FCS Merchandise

Pop-Tarts Bowl | All Products

pop tart bowl mascot – Google Shopping

11.46 Chipotle wants people to steal napkins to fill expensive Car Napkin Holder

Napkin Holder – Chipotle Goods

Napkin Holder

13:55 South Park: Snow Day! Collector’s Edition Revealed

South Park – Snow Day – Official Game Site

South Park: Snow Day! | Collector’s Edition Reveal – YouTube