Coping with a Missed Promotion

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The Ache

Not getting the internal promotion that you hoped for can be tough. You may feel disappointed, angry, or frustrated. You may lose all motivation for your job. How you feel can affect what you decide to do about it, whether that is working on the ways to get the next promotion available or searching for a new job.

Why You Did Not Get the Role

One of the first things you can do is find out why you missed out on the promotion. You should sit with your supervisor and clarify what happened. The editors at Indeed offer some suggestions as to what could have been the problem:

  • Not enough experience
  • Your supervisor has another position planned for you
  • Timing
  • You are too valuable in your current role

Staying Motivated

Motivation after not getting a planned promotion is often difficult. Indeed also gives us ideas on how to stay motivated during a hard time like this:

  • Vent outside of work
  • Send a thank-you note to the hiring manager (this shows humility and grace, which will be noted for future potential positions)
  • Ask for feedback about your application
  • Inquire about other opportunities
  • Reassess your goals
  • Set an ideal timeline for growth
  • Invest in your skills through classes, practice projects, or mentorships
  • Publicize your success (when you accomplish something, share it with your co-workers or post it on social media)
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