Give Your Team a Boost With a Vision Board

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What is a Vision Board?

If you haven’t been introduced, a vision board is pretty self-explanatory: create a board that visualizes the vision that you have going forward. My husband and I actually have a vision board for our family. It includes things like the house that we would like to buy, publishing my first novel, travel, and aiming toward better health. The idea is to place the board (or boards, since ours takes up two small boards) in a place that is easy to see everyday. When you are focused on your goals – even subconsciously – you begin working toward those things in small ways. Of course, it’s important to update the board(s), as well. Keeping images that signify getting married or buying the car that I wanted simply takes up space on the board where we could add new goals that we would like to achieve.

Why Use a Vision Board at the Office?

A vision board at home can be helpful to keep your personal goals in mind. Another way to utilize them, though, is with your team. Like my husband and I brainstorming on familial goals, vision boards can help your entire team or department to head toward the same endeavors. The important part is using images. “The brain assigns a higher ‘value’ to images than written words on a ‘to-do’ list,” says neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart, “And the more you look at those images, the more those images move up in importance.” Because of this, post images such as dollar signs, graphs that show numerical increase, or a picture of two people shaking hands.

Try out a vision board and see how it makes a difference. Being focus-driven and surrounding yourself with positive vibes will alter the way that you approach challenges. It will also affect the decisions that you make whenever your goal is constantly in mind.* Once you have met the end of the “term” for the vision board (end of year, quarter, etc.), check in and see how things have changed with your employees and your business. You may be surprised at how influential a board covered in pictures can be.

*Disclaimer: Vision boards are a tool to help a person or group of people have a focus. This will not grant wishes or enable manifestation from nothing. You MUST put in the work and effort to reach the goals. The hope is that the focus from the board will encourage drive and motivation for improvement in your life and in yourself.

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