Honesty With Your Employees

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A couple of days ago, I wrote about sharing information with customers – how much is too much? Today, I want to talk about honesty with your employees. Sometimes, companies run into issues. Maybe they’re having money problems or are going through a buy out. So what about sharing with your employees?

Recently, I heard about a company that is going through a buy out but is attempting to keep the information from their employees. The workers know that the company has been losing money but management is simply cutting hours instead of discussing what’s going on.

I personally believe that those who work for you have a right to know what’s going on in the company, particularly things that negatively impact them. These types of things affect the employees on many levels, including their well-being. If the company is going through hard times, it may result in hours being cut – which results in lower paychecks and potentially losing benefits. These people have lives and families outside of the business. They need to know how their lives are being affected.

Not sure how to talk to them? Honestly is the best policy. Bring everyone together and discuss the issue. Allow time to answer questions and reassure the employees as much as possible. Explain whatever plan may be in place to handle the problem. Give them the benefit of the doubt that they can handle the information and will be willing to talk to you about any concerns. Employees are people too and need to know how to best take care of themselves and their families without worry that there are secrets going on in the company.

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