Infographic: How to Start a Podcast

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Since we started the Big Promo Cast, I’ve had quite a few people ask me about starting their own podcast. Each person has had a great idea for a podcast and they’ve been asking some great questions. My first and foremost piece of advice is this: just start! Get started NOW; otherwise, you’ll spend more time trying to get everything perfect than actually getting your content out there. You can tweak, edit, and get better as time goes on. Use the mic on your phone to get going!

But if you’re looking for a little more information than just “get started,” well, I have a little of that too. Check out the infographic below for your Podcasting 101.

Questions you need to answer:

– Why am I doing a podcast?
– What am I going to talk about?
– What will be my podcast’s name?
– Do I want a standard intro? What will it sound like?
– What equipment do I need to make this podcast sound the best?
(This will likely include headphones and a microphone)
– What will I discuss on my first episode? *and then record it!*
– What content needs to be edited out? What distractions – such as “um” or coughing – needs to be edited out?
– Where do I want to publish my podcast?
– Who are my ideal listeners?
– How will I market my podcast?

A few tips on marketing your podcast:
Utilize your blog and social media to bring in your followers that you already have! You can also reach out to other podcasters, so that you can get interviews and be featured on other podcasts. Give reviews and shout outs, so that you’re including others whose listeners might be interested in your own episodes. Get creative and the listeners will come to you!

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