Marketing Safety to Parents

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It’s no secret that parents are the most influential people in their children’s lives. They spend more time with them than anyone else, and they have a lot of information about what makes kids tick. But if you’re not marketing to them properly, it can be tough for your company to gain any traction at all. Parents want products that make life easier – and safer – for themselves and their children alike. We often see companies try and target families by advertising toward one parent or the other as opposed to both parents together; but this approach is limiting because there is an understanding between partners on many parenting topics which may lead to differing opinions on safety risks associated with certain objects or situations (like playing outside).

New parents are often overwhelmed and working to keep their children safe. If you are selling baby goods, look at showing parents how it can best help their child. This may be in health or safety, for example. You can also focus on how easy the product is to use. Parents want things to be simple as their life has recently become more complicated. Seasoned parents deal with a lot of the same things as newbies. But those with older kids – particularly preteens and teenagers – are looking at ways to help their children function best in the world around them. Of course, these parents are also concerned about safety. For example, cell phones geared towards kids can be advertised with safety features.

For parents, safety is the number one priority. That’s why it makes sense to market toward parents by highlighting the ways in which their children are safe and secure with you. When they see that information about how they can protect their kids, customers will feel confident making purchases from you because they know you care deeply for them as well. Whether marketing online or offline, make sure there’s a strong focus on security so that every customer feels at ease purchasing products from your company.

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