Mom and Pop Business Owners Day: the Faces of the Town

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During a time when people from all different countries and cultures would flood into the United States, most of them had one mission: to fulfill the American dream. People wanted to own a home, have 2.5 kids (something I will never understand), and live on their own without relying on anyone else. This often included owning their own business. The American dream is something that still resonates with us today. Work for yourself and don’t let anyone stand in the way of your goals.

March 29th marks National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. It’s important to recognize what family-owned businesses do for the economy. Owning a business is hard work but the payoff makes it worthwhile. Family-owned businesses create jobs, support local initiatives, and invest in their communities. The day is also a time to recognize how these businesses become successful. Owners build relationships with their customers that bring about a feeling of home every time you walk into the store, restaurant, or other business. Plus, these businesses are often passed down through generations to give their family a sense of security.

One of my favorite mom-and-pop places growing up was a soda fountain that was conveniently set up downtown. The atmosphere was always welcoming and the employees knew all of the familiar faces. It was a great place to spend time (and money), and to grab a great burger. Everyone knew about the soda fountain and – especially because it was one of the only soda fountains left in the area – it became extremely popular. Even the pharmacists in the back knew everyone.

Remember to shop small and local. These people are often the backbone of our communities, creating opportunities for others as well as themselves.

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