Post-It Flags Sponsor Oprah Winfrey’s Web Event.

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ST PAUL, MINN — Post-it Flags announced a sponsorship with Oprah Winfrey’s first online classroom featuring the latest Oprah book club selection, “A New Earth,” in a live 90-minute interactive Webinar discussion led by Oprah and best-selling author, Eckhart Tolle. The 10-week Webinar began on March 3rd and will conclude on Monday, May 5.

Each Webcast features a Post-it Flags educational video that is aired online and highlights “reading essential” products: Post-it Flag Highlighters, Post-it Flags and Post-it Durable Tabs. Additionally, each video is accompanied by educational spots that explain how Post-it Flag “reading essential” products are beneficial when preparing for book club discussions.
This sponsorship will be supported with online advertising at as well as mentions on The Oprah Show throughout the time the online Webinar classes are offered.
This article was supplied via Industry News at Corporate Logo magazine. Reprinted with permission. For additional details on Oprah’s online webinar, visit

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