Prepare to Say Thank You to Your Administrative Professionals

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During World War II, it was hard to find people to work in administrative roles. The birth-rate decline of the Depression era and the booming post-war business definitely both played a factor. Because of this, the National Secretaries Association was formed in 1942 to support those in the administrative field, as well as bring more people into it. The nonprofit’s name was changed to the International Association of Administrative Professionals in 1998, but it still held the same values: to help people in the field advance their career and create an inviting environment.

In 1955, National Administrative Professionals Day began being observed on the last Wednesday of April. As we come closer to that day (April 21, 2021), it’s time to recognize those who work so diligently in our offices – secretaries, administrative assistants, and others who are often the face of our businesses. One way to say “thank you” is through gifts. Everyone loves getting gifts! Check a few ideas of ways to thank those in our offices who work so hard.

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