SEO in the World of Social Media

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Source: Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

Everyone knows that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and keywords have become pivotal to website traffic. SEO aims to include information that can be easily spotted by search engines. When a person searches “basketball stats Michael Jordan,” those sites that include those words will be the first to appear on a search.

However, not everyone considers another way to use them: social media.

More people than ever have been using social media to look for new brands and products. Almost all of your future customers are on social media, so it’s important that you set yourself up to be easily found. That is where SEO comes in.

Number 1: Keywords

First, make a list of keywords related to your brand, products, and services. Then, go where the customers are and see what you can find. That means checking out social media hashtags, forums, and other conversations. Determine which words and phrases are often repeated. Those are going to be some of your top keywords.
*Note: Make sure you do this on a regular basis. These will change over time.

Number 2: Edit Your Profiles

Each social media platform has its own setup. Take advantage of the different areas of the profiles where you can plug in some of the keywords.
Facebook: page title, URL, about, description
Instagram: name, handle, bio, location
TikTok: bio
LinkedIn: about, tagline
X (Twitter): handle, name, bio
*Note: Use hashtags in your bio, particularly with TikTok and X. When a user searches the hashtag, your profile will show up.

Number 3: Optimize Your Content

Use your keywords naturally instead of cramming them all into each post. You want the audience to feel comfortable with your posts, not like they are constantly being sold to. Here are some tips on using hashtags:
Facebook: 1-3 relevant, try using within sentences
Instagram: 3-5 relevant, include in caption (not in a comment)
TikTok: 1-3 extremely relevant, then mix in some trending
LinkedIn: 3-5 relevant, keep them formal rather than trendy
X (Twitter): 1-2 relevant (so you don’t run out of characters)

Source: Jessica Onions, PromoJournal

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