Slow and Steady Wins the Race

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“Your speed doesn’t matter. Moving forward is forward.”

In a previous episode of the Big Promo Cast, I spoken about how I’m writing a third book. My first two books (The Ultimate Client Experience and The Ultimate Employee Experience) were both business-based books, helping professionals to retain clients and employees. This will be my first fiction book, though.

As I have been working on this, I sometimes get writer’s block – you know, those moments when a writer simply can’t seem to think of where to go next. I’ve written and re-written so much of the story that I often wonder if I’m doing this the right way. Of course, there is no one right way to get out a story; but there are times that I struggle with feeling like an imposter. It’s actually called imposter syndrome and many people everywhere struggle with it.

I’m currently at 28,000 words that I have written. I’ve been aiming to make this a novel – which is at least 40,000 words – but I’m struggling to do that without making it too wordy or taking away from the plot of the story. Despite the fact that logic says 28,000 words is A LOT of writing, I fight with the idea that I can’t do this.

I feel inadequate as a writer.

The reason I bring this up is because I know that a lot of you struggle with the same thing. You feel like you’re not getting anywhere. You feel stagnant and can’t seem to get your groove back. Maybe you’ve finished a couple of projects, but you don’t feel like it’s enough. This is completely normal.

Always remember that forward is forward. Take the baby steps and grant yourself permission to pat yourself on the back. The little things count; they are stepping stones toward the bigger pictures. If you don’t achieve the small accomplishments, you’ll never get to the ultimate goal. Push a little at a time and you’ll see that you reach the prize.

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