How Taking Care of Your Customers is Like Maintaining Your Marriage

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Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary with the most wonderful person I have ever had the chance to encounter. My husband and I have definitely had our ups and downs over the past five years. We don’t agree on everything, but that’s okay. We always make things work.

For many people, taking care of customers is like maintaining a marriage. You spend time with them and give them what they need to make it work. It’s important that you put in the effort if you want to keep your customer happy and make money! Here are some tips on how to please your customers and keep your ‘other half’ happy:

  • Be polite and friendly. No one likes to be talked down to and given attitude. Be mindful of your tone of voice and body language. This can make or break whether or not someone listens to you.
  • Be a good listener. Just as you want to be heard, so do others! Put away the electronics and look them in the eye. Take notes, if needed. The goal is to understand their needs, wants, and expectations.
  • Take responsibility for mistakes made. It’s hard to admit when you’re wrong. But, invariably, mistakes are made. When you take responsibility, you are more likely to find answers on how to fix it, as well as how to not make the same mistake twice.
  • Sleep on it. I don’t believe in the adage “don’t go to sleep angry.” Sometimes you just need to sleep on it in order to make a reasonable decision. (The longer you stay awake, the less productive you are.) It could be a fight with your spouse or an issue at work – be willing to come back to it tomorrow.
  • Make compromises. This doesn’t mean that you should compromise your character or beliefs. You should, however, be willing to come in the middle. Whether it’s who is picking up the kids from school or figuring out the best product for your customer, make sure that you’re working together.

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