The Big, Green Picture.

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Have you heard about the golf tour for amateurs? The Warrior Custom Golf Amateur Tour ( allows the average North American hacker to play in a local tournament. The best 12 from each locality advance, and – so you don’t have to quit your day job to join the tour – the group will schedule local tournaments around players’ locations.
Tournaments begin next month and will continue until the nationals in October and the international tournament in November. You know what that means? Expect potentially hundreds of golf events across North America, all of which will need promotional products galore.
During a recent conversation with the folks at Gold Bond, I was reminded how broad golf sales can be. For starters, the sport brings in big money and big sponsorships. Beyond outings, golf-related gifts, such as clubs, bags and practice tools, will be appreciated by any golf connoisseur, even for non-golf related occasions.
And within golf events, there is also enormous potential. The buzz phrase I got from Hugh Hobbs, Gold Bond’s VP of golf, is “sell the whole event.” Here’s the deal, sweet and simple: When approached for a visor order, inquire about signage for the event, concession cups, souvenir sales, sunglasses, awards, uniforms and more.
Will the weather be hot? Maybe they’d like paper fans. Is there a chance of rain? How about ponchos or umbrellas? If there are contests at specific holes, they’ll need prizes. What can you help get sponsored to increase sales? Don’t sell yourself short. Event organizers have to order these things; shouldn’t it be from you?
This principle does not stop at the end of this golf issue. Think about your major clients and their potential “whole event” selling opportunities. When it comes to holiday gifts, don’t forget greeting cards and packaging. For your corporate clients, remember executive gifts, recognition programs, pens, Secretary’s Day, folders, notepads, business card holders… Try applying this theme to the rest of your business, and watch the greens in your sales soar.
This article was written by Debrah Rosen for Corporate Logo Magazine. Reprinted with permission.

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