The Generational Mix Up

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Millennials often get a bad reputation over ridiculous misconceptions, thanks to being mistaken as Gen Z’ers. As a millennial myself, I often become annoyed at people thinking that my peers and I are off partying, blowing our money on new clothes, just starting out in the workforce, etc. I’ve honestly never quite been sure if people purposefully confuse millennials with Generation Z or if they are just ignorant of the age differences. Sometimes I wonder if the mix up that seems to continue through all forms of media is purely stir the pot. But perhaps folks just don’t pay attention. Marketers, however, need to be in the top group of people who do pay attention. You simply can’t advertise to your target audience if you don’t know who they are – and marketing to millennials is a huge step in the opposite direction compared to Gen Z. Here are a few basics so that you know how to best reach your younger generation (although most days I don’t feel very young…)

-As of 2020, millennials are approximately in the 23-39 age range
-Gen Z’ers are about 8 to 22 years old

-Millennials were the first generation of children to learn the internet, and most did not receive a cell phone until their early- to mid-teens
-Gen Z’ers have not known life without continuous technological access

-Many millennials are now parents with careers in place
-Older Gen Z’ers are just now finding their places in the workforce

-Millennials remember a time before participation ribbons became a standard
-Gen Z has grown up being regularly included, many times with discouragement of competition

-Millennials tend to focus their finances on products, services, and major purchases (like buying a home)
-Gen Z’ers are more likely to save and put their money toward practical products

Knowing your audience is key to any successful marketing tactic. When you know your demographic, you can advertise in the best ways to reach them. When you start confusing your audience, you are more likely to turn them off to your products and services. Don’t alienate your future buyers by not knowing who they are.

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