The Greatest Business Lessons From Sesame Street

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ICYMI: Today is Sesame Street Day! Since November 10, 1969, this children’s show has been teaching the world. Kids of all ages have benefited from Sesame Street over the years. Each episode is filled with fun ways to learn about spelling, counting, and all other subjects that help kids prepare for school. But one of the best things about Sesame Street has always been the life lessons. The characters discuss emotions, how to interact with others, how to treat yourself kindly, and so much more.

As adults, we often forget about the life lessons that we were taught as kids. Fortunately, you can always turn back to Sesame Street. These are just a few lessons that you can use in your everyday life, as well as your professional life. Pay attention to the basics and you can potentially make a pivotal change in your business.

Speak directly to your audience
In this fun song about Elmo, Adam Sandler looks directly at the camera – just as the characters and guests do in every episode. Remember that your audience is the most important piece of your business puzzle. Speak directly to them so that they remain engaged.

Be kind and help others
Big Bird and Maria teach us about helping others, how we can do so, and why it’s important. Taking care of each other is a huge part of building a sense of community, which is a great way to bring people together in business and in life. And as Maria says, “…if you help other people, other people will help you.”

Celebrate diversity
Murray Monster does a “special report” about what makes each of us special. We all have things that make us different and it’s something to be celebrated. Whether you’re dealing with customers or employees, recognize what makes them special and use it to work toward a common goal.

Show empathy
In this clip, Mark Ruffalo and Murray Monster discuss the word ’empathy.’ Empathy is understanding how someone else feels, which is an important part of connecting to your audience. Recognize the struggles that they go through so that you know how to assist in solving their problems.

Don’t give up
Elmo’s dad helps teach Elmo about continuing to pursuing your goals. Each of us have trouble doing something and it can be frustrating, just like it is for Elmo when he can’t button his pajamas. In our professional lives, we may struggle to make the sale or get that review. But as long as we keep at it, we’ll get there.

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