The Million-Dollar Hoodie

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The Million-Dollar Hoodie – it sounds like a ridiculous sweatshirt that Kanye might wear, right? Fortunately, this isn’t about a hoodie that costs a million dollars. This is the story of one piece of clothing that earned a company over a million bucks.

Jason Harris, president and CEO of Mekanism Inc., was chatting on “Stand Up with Pete Dominick” on SiriusXM Insight. Jason and Pete went into the power of the word yes, as well as the amazing results that follow. Among their conversation, Jason told the story behind the million-dollar hoodie that is included in his book, The Soulful Art of Persuasion.

[ The Soulful Art Of Persuasion ]

As the co-founder of this award-winning creative agency, Jason knows a little something about marketing that works. Between hollowed-out books with corkscrews inside to branded cereal boxes including a hidden surprise, he definitely knows how to keep his brand front and center in everyone’s minds. One year, though, he decided to create “the hoodie”: a pullover with the company logo silkscreened in the same typeface as the Metallica logo. 

Jason ended up meeting and exchanging information with Jay Curley, a rep for Ben & Jerry’s – yes, the ice cream. Of course, like any good marketer, Jason passed along a branded hoodie to his newest acquaintance. Time passes and Jason ends up getting a call from Jay. Ben & Jerry’s was on the look out for a new marketing agency and, what do you know, the hoodie was a fantastic (and often worn) reminder of Mekanism.

Mekanism ended up landing the account with Ben & Jerry’s and has since earned “millions and millions of dollars” in revenue from them… because of the awesome hoodie. Was it because the hoodie was comfy? That may have been part of it. But honestly, they simply made a memorable statement. That hoodie says something like Mekanism is fun, creative, and listens to awesome music. Oh, and we know how to do marketing that works.

Next time you question whether or not promo products actually work, just remember the million dollar hoodie. Besides, people typically keep their promo products for a little over 6 months, and then pass them along to others. You never know where your million-dollar-branded-merch will end up.

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