The Mythical Creature of Overnight Success

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The imaginary idea of overnight success has been one that has created disheartened entrepreneurs everywhere. This mythical fairy draws you into the Forest of Success and whispers sweet nothings of how easy it will be, using her charm to rope you in. But don’t be fooled – she will chew you up and spit you back out, leaving you sinking in the River of Dispair.

Everyone in this life wants to be successful. People have different ideas of what success looks like (anything from a six figure income to a healthy marriage) but we crave it. The Forest of Success beckons us all.

Many people are thought to have achieved overnight success. A popular example that people use is Bill Gates. But many don’t realize that he started working on programming when he was a kid – he had been working at it for years prior to Microsoft. No matter who you think was an overnight success, you can look back at their history and see that it took years to build up to their destination.

Failure is a part of life. It constantly teaches us what not to do, it builds character, and it helps us grow into more well-rounded people. The most successful people in the world have not only failed numerous times, but they embrace the failure. They understand that the failures are what helped them reached deep inside to find the path to success. The only kind of failure that isn’t a step in the right direction is the one from which you learn nothing.

I have personally had several hurdles on my path to be where I want to be.
– a failed business
– two books that have had little response
– a failed marriage
– several blogs that now cease to exist
– a nonprofit organization that had to close up shop

But I’ve learned at least one thing from each of these situations. I’ve also learned that I have had far more shining moments than not. The accomplishments and failures are both stepping stones for me, and I’m okay with that. I still haven’t reached the magical place that I’m aiming for, but I have learned one thing: don’t get suckered in by unicorns, dragons, or the fairy of overnight success. Achievement will still be there, no matter how long it takes you to reach it.

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