The Secret to Keeping Your Employees Happy

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I started working for BigPromotions in May of 2016. While the story of how I ended up here is a bit odd – I was just looking for any job that would take me – I ended up finding a place that I love. My boss here has created an environment that has become a home. So what’s the secret to getting your employees to love their job? Two major keys to this have been empathy and encouragement.

Being understanding will get you a long way with your employees. Recognize that they have struggles, as well as a life outside of their job. For me, it’s been a life saver for my boss to recognize that I have kids that need to be taken care of. He also understands that my health sometimes becomes a problem. His willingness to work with me around various obstacles has been a life saver.

Encouragement is also a great way to help your employees want to stick around. Give credit where credit is due. If they’ve done an awesome job on a project, let them know. They will be thankful that their hard work is being recognized. Another part of this is encouraging your employees to better themselves. Help them take some classes if that’s what they need. Ask where they see themselves in five years and figure out what you can do to help that happen.

Employee retention is great for everyone. Employees want a home; they want to not hate their job. And employers don’t have to worry about the issues that arise from trying to find new employees. If you’re interested in learning more about employee retention, check out my book The Ultimate Employee Experience.

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AJ Jewell

Amber "AJ" Jewell started at in 2016 as a part-time admin assistant, quickly moving to be the 'Duchess of Flow" - making sure that the office is flowing smoothing. AJ is also an award-nominated author, homeschooling parent of three, an avid reader, and a college student.
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