The Top Reason to be Confident in Your Business

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Excerpt from my book, The Ultimate Client Experience:


The word itself – nerve – often sounds abrasive. We tend to think of phrases such as “Boy, did he have some nerve, speaking to me in such a disrespectful tone!” While frequently seen as a negative, business owners and upper management could deeply benefit from embracing the term.

One of the definitions of nerve from Merriam-Webster is “power of endurance or control; assurance, boldness.” This is not necessarily a bad thing!…

I had the nerve to stand in front of a crowd of people and present tips that could help their business.

I had the nerve to swallow any fears and publish a book, despite being told that it would be a failure.

This all comes down to one thing:


Confidence in yourself and your products and/or services is a higher priority than you may realize. When you are confident and comfortable in your own abilities as a provider, that will be evident to your clients. You will see that, in most cases, the client will have a reciprocating feeling of confidence in your abilities as well. Likewise, a lack of self-assurance will be obvious to your client and he will start to doubt if he made the right decision in selecting your company. Doubt will turn to fear and, often, the client will take it upon himself to micromanage the buying process (if he continues the buying process at all). A client who constantly checks in on the progress, seeming anxious or otherwise unhappy with your ability to perform, is not a happy client – even if the purchase goes smoothly on your end. A pleased client is one who feels absolutely comfortable with stepping out of the picture to let you do your job.


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