So I guess we’re in the PPE business now

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At Big Promotions, we’re really good at providing the goods our customers want. Whether it’s branded apparel, drinkware, office items, or giftware, we’ve got dozens of excellent suppliers to choose from. We know how to decorate these products to accurately and effectively reflect your brand and message. 

Once this shit-show started, we had to pivot a bit – and our vendors pivoted as well. Factories that manufacture plastics started making face shields. Apparel companies started sewing facemasks. Importers that are adept at navigating the ins and outs of importing from Asia pivoted and started importing personal protective equipment, along with their regular product lines.

As a result, we’re now able to provide PPE — Personal Protective Equipment — to our customers. Customers that aren’t used to buying this type of product. Most of our customers don’t work in healthcare, so this is new territory. 

Restaurants, retail stores, and offices of all types need disposable, one-time-use masks for visitors that don’t happen to have one. Construction companies need reusable head and face coverings to interact with clients and co-workers.

We’ve been working extremely hard with our vendor partners to ensure that we can provide quality protective products and equipment. We’re fortunate to have an established network of resources that enables us to bring you some of the most sought after items for your staff and customers. 

Inventory and pricing  fluctuates daily, sometimes hourly, so we won’t be adding these to our regular product line for now. If you have a need for these items, give us a call. We’ll see if what you need is available, and we’ll act fast to secure it for you.

Our country is opening up, and these products are essential going forward to help stop the spread.

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