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Debunking The Advertising Rule Of 7

November 13, 2015 11:00 am Published by

7It’s not the idea of repetition that’s we’re questioning here. Repeating your message is key. It’s the number. Why 7?
You’ve heard it often enough, people need to see an ad 7 times before they remember it. This Rule of 7 is most often quoted by people in advertising with such confidence that you would expect to find tons of studies to back the claim. Not so. What we found was a fascinating piece from @successfulsw that takes a hard look at the science behind that all too readily accepted number.
The evidence to back the Rule of 7 theory, as the author finds, is limited. There aren’t reams of statistics, surveys dating back years, or journals full of research to back the claim. There’s only one study to be found, from 1989 no less, and this mentions no magic number. Seven just took over somewhere along the way.


On Taking "No" For An Answer

October 24, 2015 11:00 am Published by

We can all agree that no one likes to hear the word “No.” Business or personal it doesn’t matter, being denied something you’ve worked long and hard for is no easy thing. Most of us don’t take it very well.
consumer-reports-sales3That’s really not a problem unless you happen to be selling something. Then taking “No” for an answer had better be in your repertoire, or you’ll turn off a lot of potential customers. There are ways to make the most of a sales rejection, but you’d better, at you core, be capable of hearing (and understanding) the word “No”.
This most simple of skills was utterly beyond the capability of the salesman who presented a rather expensive product (replacement windows) to us recently. True his product was good, had lots to offer, including a hefty price tag. This gentleman made no secret of his astonishment when when we didn’t jump up and sign on the dotted line.
He could not seem to get past us leaving, “x amount of dollars on the table.”

Company Logos: First Impressions Made Everywhere

September 4, 2015 8:09 am Published by

You’ve probably noticed a few familiar company logos (Google, Verizon) have changed their look recently. Not anything drastic, more of a refresh and acknowledgement that we all view these logos on many different devices.
refresh-buttonHow does this apply to your business?
It shows how very important a logo is to a business.
The company logo is the face of your business, your first impression and professional stamp. There is a reason companies hire professionals to design them. Creating one looks simple (a 4 year old could do it, right?), until you sit before a blank screen and try to do it. There are an endless number of fonts to use, as well as styles like bolding, italics and underlining. Text spacing comes into play. Graphics and color must also be considered. (more…)

Planning For When Summer Turns To Fall

August 27, 2015 9:55 am Published by

ΚΑΛΟΚΑΙΡΙΝΗΣ-ΣΕΖΟΝIt’s true, the signs are all there. Heat waves are harder to take. Days at the beach don’t hold the allure they once did. We get annoyed at the ice cream melting all over us before we can finish it. Barbecues have become routine. We’ve reached the point in the season where the idle days of summer are drawing to a close, numbered now in single digits as fall schedules take shape.
Going back to school or not, there is something about this time of year that has all of us ready to switch gears. Change is in the air. Which makes this the perfect time to get to work on your plans for promoting your business this fall.
This season offers lots of opportunities to build business.
Back to School

Flying The Stars And Stripes Right

July 2, 2015 8:25 am Published by

6a00d83451c49a69e201538f8f20e8970b-800wiWe’re getting to the time of year where Old Glory takes a place on center stage. And deservedly so. Seems like U.S. flags fly everywhere this time of year. We’re all proud Americans.
Flags got their start as military banners, a way to recognize an approaching enemy/ally. Early on in our own history there were several different revolutionary flags, but by June 14, 1777 the Continental Congress had selected one. The one we know. The red is meant to signify hardiness and valor, the white purity/innocence and the blue vigilance and perseverance and justice.
Flag Day didn’t come into existence until much later, 1949 thanks to a law signed by then President Harry S. Truman. The celebration of the holiday had started unofficially back in 1885 by a grade school teacher in Wisconsin. The flag we know today has been the official flag of the United States since 1960.

Corporate Social Responsibility So Important For Your Brand

December 10, 2014 11:59 am Published by

o-CORPORATE-SOCIAL-RESPONSIBILITY-facebookIt’s a basic human need to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. That’s why sports teams sell out stadiums. Why churches are filled. And why some businesses succeed in today’s economy and others don’t. Three words: Corporate Social Responsibility.
According to a 2013 report released by PR and marketing agency Cone Communications corporate social responsibility, CSR for short, is increasingly important to consumers across the globe in terms of brand loyalty. Today companies are expected to participate in (if not drive) solutions to the most pressing of social problems. In fact, 91%  of consumers surveyed reported being likely to switch brands if that brand compares in price and quality while also supporting good causes.
That’s huge when it comes to brand positioning.

Promotional Products – One Of Many Ways To Support A Cause

October 3, 2011 1:35 pm Published by

In a season of vibrant reds, oranges and yellows, there’s one rather unlikely color that’s become associated with the month of October. Pink. In fact, those now all-too-familiar pink ribbons first appeared in the fall of 1991 at a cancer fundraiser and were adopted as the official breast cancer support symbol the following year. As we mark the 25th anniversary of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month that pretty pink is looking a bit mud splattered… a bit tawdry.
You see growing numbers of consumers are becoming wary of what’s been termed “pink washing” slapping pink on anything and everything to sell to women rather than offer any kind of genuine support to the cause. Fortunate then that more and more of us are starting to wonder if all the pink ribbons and pastel t-shirt clad marchers are really doing anything.
An obscene example of pink washing comes just as the month begins, with the stink (sorry) raised by the perfume commissioned by breast cancer fundraising giant Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Known as Promise Me, the new product has been found in independent testing to contain toxic chemicals that aren’t listed in the ingredients… hardly the move of an organization dedicated to women’s health.

Calendars Build Business Every Day Of The Year

November 16, 2010 11:14 am Published by
As 2010 lumbers to a close, the arrival of a new year… a fresh start… brings you one of the most wonderfully effective, totally affordable opportunities to promote your business. Imprinted promotional calendars.
If you think that in this day of mobile devices and slick apps the imprinted calendar is dead, think again. A piece in Promo Marketing Magazine points out how many people, despite our gadget loving world — still hang on to that desk or wall calendar. It’s familiar, expected, and easy to use… no charger needed. And at this time of year, everyone’s looking for them.

Summer's Over… Holidays Are Coming… Time To Get Going

August 31, 2010 10:09 am Published by

Hard to believe but true… it’s time for the lazy, hazy days of summer to give way to the productive and efficient days of autumn. The fourth quarter is nearly upon us and it’s time to make those all important sales…  win those vital customers… grow your business.
The calendar, and the temperature, might say late summer, but in terms of building your business and showing customer and employee appreciation, it’s time to start planning for the holidays. In fact, as in year’s past, it’s the folks over at Promo Marketing that put the thought out there with an entertaining and informative article in still balmy August.
Halloween… just 61 days away.
The article reveals some eye opening stats, in 2008 the U.S. Census estimated the potential number of trick-or-treaters at 36 million. Just imagine all the flashlights, child safety items and other promotional products. Experts agree Halloween is a great opportunity to sell.