Party Like It’s 2019

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This year has definitely been a rough one in a number of ways. 2018 feels like it should have been the Year of the Camel – just along for the ride, bouncing up and down, and anxiously wondering if it’s going to spit in your face. It’s almost over though and we’ve made it through. And now it’s time to get ready for 2019…

Let’s face it: the next few months are filled with times of holiday cheer, entertainment, and spending time with the important people in life. Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, and even the Oscars and Super Bowl LIII are made for people to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company. Maybe you’re thinking, But I run a business… Yes, you do! So how does this apply to you?

Many companies are having holiday parties this month and planning get-togethers after the first of the year. This can be a way to build up the company spirit in your employees. This can also be used by organizations to say thank you to their volunteers or donors. No matter your reason, increasing morale is a great way to create loyalty – which is absolutely necessary for the success of any group with a goal. Of course, there are some ways to do this that can be more beneficial than others.

Any group of people can plan a party. I have seen my fair share of terrible parties because the group of people were disorganized or took too little time to plan – but they did it nonetheless. There are some keys to a great party, though, whether it’s an Oscar party in February, a birthday party in July, or a Christmas shindig for your company.

  1. Know the purpose. Are you having a corporate holiday party so you can announce a Christmas bonus? Are you just wanting to enjoy the company of friends during the Super Bowl? Are you throwing an Oscar-watching party to try and attract more customers? Maybe more than one applies and that’s okay, too! Whatever it is, know the reason so you know how to plan accordingly. If you are trying to drive new customers to your restaurant, you can prepare for drink specials or other yummy promotions ahead of time.
  2. Know the people. Trying to plan an event for different people of different backgrounds can be difficult. The key here is to know what all of these people have in common. Perhaps they are patients at the same hospital, or they live in the same neighborhood. Use this information to draw them to the event, get an idea of activities or gifts that they might enjoy, and discover the best ways to keep them coming back.
  3. Know the plan. Every successful occasion must have a plan! Get your information together and get the ball rolling. Many aspects, such as social media marketing or ordering custom gifts for the guests, may take a month or two to get done. Having a game plan ahead of time helps minimize the stress of trying to get everything done at the last minute.

So are you ready to party like it’s 2019? Great! And if you’re still in need of party favor ideas, sign up for our newsletter here to get some great insights each month.

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